One Switch eShop developer claims that Nintendo has put a stop to the $0.99 (or below) chart scam operation

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‘New rules on the eShop’

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In case you missed it, there’s been a quiet movement going on in regards to the state of the Switch eShop.

Developers, both openly and anonymously, have been weighing in on various aspects of the storefront, noting that without intervention from Nintendo, it could become another mobile cesspool. Well, after months of letting all this play out, it looks like Nintendo may have intervened.

As we learned back in December, “100% off” sales no longer allowed games to reach the top charts. Now, the developer for Death Squared has weighed in on another change. According to the studio via Reddit, games cannot be below $1.99 anymore. Before the comment was edited, it stated (edited for clarity): “new rules on the eShop mean no game can be below $1.99, and this is $0.99 because I planned this sale back in August. Haha so I beat the system!”

So if you do see a game for that cheap, it might be the result of a prior planned sale. Allegedly going forward, games can’t be under $1.99: this gels with comments from December from around the industry. As previously stated the comment was edited; perhaps to protect any prior eShop agreements the studio might be embroiled in.

Either way, we appreciate the candor, as it can be tough to figure out just how anything ticks over at Nintendo.

Death Squared [Reddit]

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