One Piece Odyssey is getting some story DLC in Reunion of Memories

One Piece Odyssey DLC

The Straw Hats are back

It looks like Luffy and the gang aren’t quite done with their RPG escapades yet. Bandai Namco is working on a new story DLC for One Piece Odyssey called Reunion of Memories, and it’s coming soon.

There’s no indication of a date just yet, but today’s teaser trailer lays out some of the narrative groundwork. Much like the story of One Piece Odyssey itself, Reunion of Memories looks to be diving back into the storied past of the manga series. Lim, the young woman from Waford who played a key role in Odyssey, looks to be the focal point again, as the team is contending with a Dark Lim doppelganger.

In a message from the game’s producer, Katsuaki Tsuzuki, it’s said that one of the key points of this One Piece Odyssey DLC is the theme of “new hidden story with bonds.” It will also focus heavily on battles, and the team recommends clearing the main story before tackling the DLC.

There will also be some new characters that weren’t in the main game. The full roster isn’t being confirmed yet, but Tsuzuki says you may be surprised to find other characters “where you least expect them.” More details are on the way soon.

Additionally, since release, the team has been listening to feedback and player requests, some of which have already been implemented in patches since launch.

The quest never ends

One Piece is still one of those series that I’m aware of but have never really personally dug into. That said, Odyssey seems like it was an interesting exploration of the fiction, if nothing else. I certainly respect the effort to try and tell the tale in an RPG format.

For those hoping for deeper One Piece cuts in their Odyssey, I hope they get what they want when the Reunion of Memories DLC hits.

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