OMFG! Game Informer gets God of War III cover story, more info coming this week

My personal excitement for Sony’s God of War III can’t be understated. Let it be known that the font size that I’d like to use to type out the letters “O,” “M,” “F,” and “G” would be too large to fit on any known computer monitor. 

So this week is exciting for me for a few reasons. One, Game Informer has revealed that the cover story for their March issue is none other than God of War III. The magazine’s Web site teases the 10-paged story by showing off the cover, which depicts our boy Kratos ripping into a cyclops with his bloodied blades. 

But Game Informer isn’t the only one getting a look at the reason why I bought a PlayStation 3. The good news: tomorrow I will be in Los Angeles getting a sneak peak of God of War III for Destructoid, gathering info and screenshots to bring back to you guys. The bad news is you’ll have to wait until Friday, February 13 at 9:00am Pacific time to get your God of War III fix. 

Your calendars. Mark them.

Nick Chester