Ole! Sony expands PlayStation into Latin America

It’s now official: 13 countries in Latin America will see the rollout of the PS3, PSP, and PS2 systems now as SCEA expands. This is a partnership with Sony Latin America, and will bring “select countries” the PlayStation goods, including the PlayStation Network and a new Latin PlayStation Web site lineup.

“Our commitment to expand PlayStation business into Latin America supports our vision to provide access to social entertainment experiences that can be shared among friends and family from around the world,” said Mark Stanley, director and general manager, Latin America, SCEA.

“This expansion is the direct result of us listening closely to our community, and we’re proud to deliver premium hardware and software services that will allow them to easily connect, play and communicate with one another.”

I’m sure hardcore Latin American gamers already have some of the PlayStation line, but now they can formally take part in the PlayStation world. I wonder which countries got the shaft.

Dale North