Oh yes: Seven minutes of Yakuza Zero gameplay and details

Bonus naughty shots

Warning: Kinda NSFW

Here’s a heaping pile of Yakuza Zero gameplay to kick your morning off right. It’s in Japanese, coming hot off Sega’s YouTube channel, but you don’t need to understand it to appreciate all of the face smashing and yelling. 

Highlights of the seven-minute long promotional video include a look at the money grubbing sub-game of Yakuza Zero, complete with its own mini stories.

And outfit and hair options for your favorite girls? Why not! It seems they’ve gone heavy on the nightlife and hostesses this time around. There’s love line calls and horny video watching, too. The wrestling stuff? That should be…popular.

I love how nuts they went with the mini games. Arcade games are just the start. Stuff like racing, disco dancing, and Vita connectivity for even more mini games makes this a title that looks like you could play it for forever.

Finally, the fighting looks as good as ever. I appreciate all of the style options they’re working in, but I’m going to continue to mash buttons, just as I have in every other Yakuza game.

I’m going to import and stream the hell out of this game. Get ready for that. 

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