Oh yeah, another online voting vote thingy

It seems the Internet is like one big super Democracy lately because we’ve all been flooded with sites trying to promote themselves with massive votes for certain categories — most of the time it has to do with hotness, or lack thereof. So, Next Generation has thrown their ballot in the ring with a call for the “Next-Gen Person of the Year.”

How can you vote? What are the criteria? Glad you asked. Here’s how to get involved:

To nominate, all you have to do is email us the name of the person you wish to nominate, and a brief reason why you think he or she merits a place on our list of ‘Next-Gen People of the Year’.

Later this month, we’ll publish a feature recognizing the achievements of some of the people you have nominated. The list will not be based on numbers of nominations – the editors of Next-Gen will go through all the nominations seeking the people we think deserve recognition.

We’re looking for people from all levels of the industry who have made a positive contribution through their creative and business decisions. You can nominate anyone you like – even yourself – but we ask for only three nominations per entry. Anyone can make nominations.

So, get thinking about the people who’ve made a difference this year, in creating great games, or establishing new consoles, or marketing product, or retailing, testing, selling and all the other activities that go into game creation and publishing.

Email entries here: [email protected] Your nomination will be treated with absolute confidence.

There you go Destructoid faithful, you only have three nominations per entry. So, your ballot card should look as such: Mr. Destructoid, Robert Summa, and Diddy. Vote or die! 

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