Official Xbox E3 survey comically asks us what we think of the unannounced SNES Classic Edition


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Do we have our first E3 “leak?”

According to Eurogamer, Microsoft sent out an official Xbox Live Rewards survey that asked people what they thought of multiple consoles, including the “Nintendo SNES Classic Edition.”

Note that Nintendo has not confirmed or denied the existence of this device ever since it was discovered recently, but as far as we know it’s more than likely real, and will see a holiday release this year, possibly after Mario Odyssey. The polls mention more than just the SNES Classic as they delve into what people like about the Switch for general market research purposes, but it’s funny nonetheless.

If they do release an SNES Classic — and I have made this joke before and will make it many more times — I hope they produce more than 10, then when they say they’re making more they don’t troll us two months later with a “just kidding.”

Xbox E3 survey mentions Nintendo SNES Classic Edition [Eurogamer]

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