MyNintendo offers Octopath Traveler II character covers

octopath traveler ii boxart download switch

Currently only available to U.S. members

Square Enix’ Octopath Traveler II, now out and in the hands of eager adventurers everywhere, is known for its varied and colorful cast of characters all on their own respective paths to destiny — And, perhaps knowing that players will have their own chosen one, Nintendo has released eight alternate covers, representing the party of protagonists venturing out into the world of Solistia.

The eight covers are available to for MyNintendo members to download and print out, so you can replace the original boxart with your choice of hero — emblazoning the box with the cheerful dancer Agnea, the smooth-tongued merchant Partitio, the vengeful Osvald, or the sultry thief, Throne. All of the covers feature the beautiful artwork of Naoki Ikushima, and are sure to brighten up your gaming shelf. The set of eight covers will set you back 30 Platinum Points.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. As noted in the replies, the alternate Octopath Traveler II covers are only available on the North American MyNintendo Store, so European players are out of luck. But hopefully, this offer will soon be extended globally, so that we can all have Throne our favorite Octopath Traveler spotlit on our respective copies of this — pretty durn good — release.

Octopath Traveler II is available now on PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Chris Moyse
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