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Ochette Character Guide

I’m not doing a name pun for Ochette

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Ochette is the Hunter of Octopath Traveler 2. This is one of the most substantially overhauled classes in the game, as Ochette has many perks that H’aanit lacked in Octopath Traveler. The biggest change is that Ochette can use her captured beasts without any limits this time around. However, once you take a look at Ochette’s skills, you’ll see many captivating differences there as well. Definitely give this Beastling a chance!

As a primarily physical attacker, Ochette can equip Bows and Axes. That said, this only scratches the surface of her capabilities. Check out what she can do below!

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Ochette’s Path Actions and Talents

Both of Ochette’s Path Actions stem from her Talent Capture/Prepare. Like a Pokemon trainer, Ochette can Capture weakened enemies to later summon during battle. This allows Ochette to cover numerous damage types on her own, though she unfortunately can’t always control who a beast will target when summoned. Ochette can also Prepare enemies to turn them into items, which we’ll get to in a second.

Ochette’s daytime Path Action is Provoke. This will trigger a one-on-one battle with Ochette, except captured beasts must exclusively be used to fight the opponent. Afterwards, the NPC will be knocked out until you leave or change the day/night cycle. Use this to gain access to areas that would otherwise be blocked off.

At night, Ochette can utilize the Befriend Path Action. This lets Ochette use those items she prepared from beasts to give to NPCs in town, allowing you to recruit them as if you were using Temenos’ Guide Path Action. Use this to further round out Ochette’s elemental coverage!

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Hunter’s Job and Support Skills

Here are all the Job Skills Ochette can acquire via her base Hunter job. The last skill listed requires obtaining the other skills first.

Precise Shot: Unleash a bow attack on selected foes 2 times.
Thunderbird: Deal lightning-based damage to a single foe.
Cleaving Blow: Unleash a powerful axe attack on a single foe, and grant yourself positive status effects based on the foe’s type.
Mercy Strike: Unleash a bow attack on a single foe. Otherwise lethal attacks will instead leave the target with 1 HP.
Take Aim: Raise the critical rate and accuracy of all allies for 2 turns.
Leghold Trap: Cause a single foe to act at the end of the turn for 2 turns.
Abating Orb: Nullify 1 of a single foe’s augmenting effects.
[Divine Skill] Draefendi’s Bow: Unleash a powerful bow attack on all foes 3 times.

Finally, here are the Support Skills for the Hunter job. These will unlock as you learn more Job Skills.

Heighten Senses: Gain an increased chance of attacking first in battle. (Equipping multiple characters with this skill will have no added effect.)
Eagle Eye: Raises the equipping character’s critical rate by 50.
More Rare Monsters: Raises the chances of encountering rare monsters. (Equipping multiple characters with this skill will have no added effect.)
Salt the Wound: The equipping character has a 50% chance of acting twice when breaking a foe. This will not trigger in succession.

Ochette’s EX Skills

EX Skills are character-specific skills. One will be acquired by finding the Altar of the Huntress, the other will unlock after completing Ochette’s story.

Indomitable Beast: Raise your physical attack, evasion, and speed for 3 turns.
Provoke Beasts: Select 3 monsters and provoke them in order.

If you’d like to read about Ochette’s Latent Power, check out our dedicated guide here!

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