Temenos Mistral Character Guide

He’s a perfect Temenos

Temenos is the Cleric of Octopath Traveler 2. He’s the most dedicated healer at the start of the game, with party-wide healing and revival skills included in his base kit. That said, his magic damage capabilities are nothing to scoff at. Whether you use him to heal, attack, or break enemy shields, you can’t go wrong with Temenos.

Temenos is locked to using Staves, though this isn’t a notable downside considering the rest of his kit. Learn more about what this Cleric can do below.

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Temenos’ Path Actions and Talents

During the day, Temenos can use Guide to recruit NPCs. Guide is guaranteed to succeed if Temenos meets the character’s level requirement, and recruited NPCs can be summoned a predetermined number of times during battle. They can use virtually any spell in the game once called, though you typically can’t select who summoned NPCs can target.

Night is when Temenos gets interesting. He gains access to the Coerce Path Action, which allows him to get information from NPCs after engaging them in battle. Unlike other battle-related Path Actions, Coercion succeeds once the enemy’s shield is broken. Use this to uncover items or secrets from tricky NPCs.

Finally, Temenos’ Talent is Moonlight Judgment. This debuffs any enemy party as long as it is nighttime, even if you’re inside caves and dungeons. Make sure to swap the time of day to get the most out of this Talent!

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Cleric’s Job and Support Skills

Here are all the Job Skills Temenos can acquire via his base Cleric job. The last skill listed requires obtaining the other skills first.

Heal Wounds: Restore HP to all allies.
Holy Light: Deal light-based damage to a single foe.
Prayer to the Flame: Raise the physical defense and elemental defense of a single ally for 2 turns.
Mystical Staff: Unleash a staff attack on a single foe 2 times, and steal SP equivalent to 10% of the damage dealt.
Luminescence: Deal light-based damage to all foes.
Sacred Shield: Grant a shield to a single ally, reducing damage taken from the next hit by 50%.
Revive: Revive all allies.
[Divine Skill] Aelfric’s Blessing: Grant a single ally the ability to act again at the end of a turn for 3 turns. Only one additional action can be taken per turn.

Finally, here are the Support Skills for the Cleric job. These will unlock as you learn more Job Skills.

Resilience: Raises the amount of HP restored to the equipping character when healed.
Inner Strength: Raises the equipping character’s max SP by 50.
Evil Ward: Increases the party’s success rate when attempting to flee. (Equipping multiple characters with this skill will have no added effect.)
Rise Again: The equipping character will recover with 25% of their max HP once per battle upon being incapacitated.

Temenos’ EX Skills

EX Skills are character-specific skills. One will be acquired by finding the Altar of the Flamebringer, the other will unlock after completing Temenos’ story.

Prayer for Plenty: Restore HP to a single ally, ignoring their max HP.
Heavenly Shine: Consume all your SP, then deal light-based damage to all foes. The more SP consumed, the more potent the attack.

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