Obsidian’s Grounded has a mode for people who are scared of spiders

Frodo could’ve used this

The whole premise of Obsidian’s upcoming game, Grounded, is that you’re a kid who’s the size of a bug. Think about that. It’s terrifying. Ants aren’t so bad when we’re dealing with normal proportions, but a person-sized ant is a horrorshow. Anyone who has played Earth Defense Force knows why humongous insects are a bad idea.

However, Obsidian is merciful enough to give you an out from taking on the creepiest of the creepy-crawlies. Responding to a Twitter user who basically said “Spiders? Nah, I’m out,” Obsidian revealed that Grounded will have an arachnophobia mode for anyone who just can’t with those eight-legged freaks.

Obsidian didn’t elaborate as to what will replace the spiders. Cruel as I am, I hope it’s snakes or clowns or public speaking.

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