Obama unfit for office, shameless Pong addict

Presidential candidate Barack Obama is a firm favorite of many Americans, who love his winning smile, endearing charisma and the fact that he is black. However, there is a dark side, and I just realized that was an unfortunate turn of phrase. Regardless, Destructoid is here to report on a stark fact that could have serious implications for the upcoming election — Barack Obama is an obsessed addict of the violent videogame Pong.

Obama himself made the stunning confession in an interview. When asked what the last videogame he’d ever played was, his answer was strikingly honest: “Pong. That gives you a sense of my age. I loved that game.”

Pong, banned in Australia and Germany for its horrifying portrayal of ball-on-paddle violence, is not the kind of “entertainment” that should be indulged in by a world leader. In the opinion of this reporter, Obama has shot his own foot and ruined his chances for success in the Presidential race. 

Obama’s rival for the Whitehouse, Gigglebiscuits The Clown, is surely reveling in this new development, as his victory is practically assured.

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