O hai, Dynasty Warriors 6 will be on the Xbox 360

A few weeks ago, Dynasty Warriors 6 was announced for the PS3 at the PlayStation Premier event. In news that should surprise nobody, however, it’s been confirmed that KOEI’s almighty slash-a-thon will be hitting the Xbox 360 as well. It won’t even be a timed exclusive — PS3 and 360 owners will get to maul Chinese peons at the same time with a simultaneous release.

Thus far, there are no known differences between the two versions save for the obvious of course. DW6 on the 360 will boast the obligatory 1000 achievement points for score whores the world over. KOEI was, at one time, a very PS2-centric company but like many third parties is now spreading around the love. Works for me, the more people who get to buy and love the world’s greatest videogame (and everybody will), the better.

Jim Sterling