Not-bad Mega Man cartoon Fully Charged hits YouTube for free

All 52 episodes are coming

So I’ve thrown in for Mega Man: Fully Charged this past year a bit with what you’d call a reserved recommendation. Translation? It’s not a bad kids/family show, and a huge step up from the Ruby-Spears cartoon in just about every respect (especially the classic music references and the little retro bits).

It hasn’t gotten a lot of love from the network though (as Cartoon Network does if your show isn’t Teen Titans), and a weird time slot plus an annoying “must link cable subscription” Cartoon Network streaming service requirement is a recipe for disaster. Thankfully that era is over, and you can now watch the series with no strings attached on YouTube.

As of the time of publication, they plan to have all 52 episodes of the inaugural season up on YouTube for free, with more arriving weekend-to-weekend. One has to wonder what happened behind the scenes that had this show moved from a fairly great-sounding Disney XD deal to low-to-no-support Cartoon Network. Either way it’s here now, and if we don’t get a season 2, you can watch this one for free.

Mega Man: Fully Charged [YouTube via Rockman Corner]

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