Norway’s political leaders seem to be really fond of Pokemon GO

I’m sure Norwegian citizens will be told to ‘Pokemon GO to the polls’ quite often next election

It looks like Erna Solberg, the current Prime Minister of Norway, is a huge fan of Pokemon GO. On Tuesday, she was caught playing the game during a debate in Norway’s parliament.

In an ironic twist, the person who was speaking when Solberg was pictured playing Pokemon GO has also proven themselves to be a fan of the popular mobile game. Trine Skei Grande, the current leader of the Norwegian liberal party, was caught playing the game while attending a meeting on national security last August.

When it was first reported that Solberg was playing the game during her speech, Grande TweetedShe heard what I said, we ladies can do two things at the same time you know.”

I guess it’s not too long now until both Erna Solberg and Trine Skei Grande take inspiration from the U.S. Presidential election and centre their advertisements around Pokemon GO.

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