No More Heroes ended up on the Wii, but it wasn’t Suda 51’s initial choice

The Wii may have won the battle, but it looks like it wasn’t the first console to come to mind when Suda 51 was looking for a home in which to house No More Heroes. Quoted from an interview in MCV’s magazine is this juicy morsel that will give ammo to those of you who have said all along that the 360’s fanbase is better suited for this type of game: 

 “Originally, I’d wanted to make this game for Xbox 360, actually. [Marvelous Interactive boss] Wada-san had information about the new Wii and how the new controller would work before it came out, so that’s why he thought I should produce the game on that format. At the time, I didn’t really understand why, but after seeing and understanding how it works, I think it was a good choice and the controller works really well with the game.”

Does this mean that Xbox 360 owners can hold out hope that Travis Touchdown will find his way onto their preferred console of choice once the Wii hype cools down? Maybe not, but it’s still good to know that No More Heroes came within inches of looking as good as it plays. The thoughts of downloadable content and achievements sound nice as well, but then again, who are we to question the intentions of genius? There may not be hope for the one that got away, but it wasn’t that long ago that Suda 51 spoke of bringing other games to the Xbox 360 platform. Hey, what about the PS3?