No ‘gimmicky’ motion control features for Halo

How long has it been since someone last talked about Microsoft’s upcoming Natal? Too long! VideoGamer has kept the conversation alive by having a discussion with Halo 3: ODST producer Alex Cutting about where Halo is going to inevitably stand with the motion control tech.

On the subject of Halo supporting Natal, Cutting says “we are committing to only doing it when it makes sense. We are not going to produce a gimmicky feature that just takes advantage of motion controls when it doesn’t feel right.”

“We’re going to make the games we want to play. We’re not going to make a feature that’s not fun,” he continues. Cutting also brings up the excellent point about how before the original Halo, people weren’t sold on the concept of dual stick first-person shooters, and he thinks Natal may be the same way.

With so many developers coming out to say their games won’t use Natal in gimmicky or otherwise meaningless ways, I sort of want someone to tell us they plan on doing the opposite. Are any developers out there making a Natal mini-game collection? Now is the time to say so, before we get angry.

Jordan Devore
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