Nipping the Resident Evil 6 complaints in the bud

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Okay guys, this is our second time at the rodeo, this shit should not be happening. 

Resident Evil 6 was revealed less than twenty-four hours ago, and online folk are already churning out the same arguments we had when Resident Evil 5 was announced.

I mean, really? We’re still complaining about the inability to move and shoot at the same time in a Resident Evil game? Didn’t we have these debates already? Didn’t we all lose, because we’re morons? Has it even been confirmed you can’t move and shoot? Trailer seems to indicate you might!

In any case, being unable to move and shoot is the difference between a straight action game and a real horror/action hybrid. We scientifically proved this years ago. No asshole can accurately score a headshot while running. Trained professionals certainly wouldn’t attempt something so stupid. It … wait, why am I doing this? Why am I getting into the argument again? You see how easy it is to get started? Don’t start! Bad dog! Stop! Don’t make me get the newspaper!

Also, we’re already complaining that it’s in China, and that the president is white. Please don’t let this become another racism thing, were idiots say something dumb and then we say Resident Evil 4 was set in Spain and nobody complained. For the love of all that is sexy. Don’t do it. You have the power to end this. Say NO to movement and racism arguments in Resident Evil 6. It never ends well. 

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