Nintendo’s holding a press conference in Shanghai next week ahead of Switch’s launch in China

We should know more about launch plans then

It was only three months ago that Nintendo got approval to sell the Switch in China, alongside the revelation that Tencent was recruited for distribution. In early August, we should have a better idea of the timeline we can expect as to when the Switch will officially enter China.

Nintendo and Tencent have announced that they’re hosting a joint press conference in Shanghai on August 2 to offer further details about the Switch’s expansion into the Chinese market. It’s reported that Nintendo executive Satoru Shibata and Tencent senior vice president Steven Ma will both be present at the event.

The Switch will likely serve as an interesting case study into Chinese consumerism. Mobile and PC gaming dominate the Chinese market. By that token, consoles traditionally perform poorly there. However, as we all know, the Switch is a console that’s mobile-first. Could go either way, right? Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa isn’t as bright-eyed. In May, he said “We don’t expect our video game business in China to easily expand.”

Tencent and Nintendo to host Switch press conference in China on August 2 []

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