Nintendo UK apologizes for Bayonetta 1 Switch shortages, says more are coming this year

Bayonetta 1 Switch shortages

“We apologize that we could not meet demand”

Bayonetta 1 Switch shortages for the newly minted physical editions are sadly plaguing the UK and some regions in Europe, thanks to an exclusive rollout on the My Nintendo Store.

Here’s the full statement from Nintendo, on Twitter, issued today:

“We apologize that we could not meet demand for the physical edition of the first Bayonetta game recently. We will restock the physical edition of the first Bayonetta game once more later this year, on [the] My Nintendo Store.”

The tweet then goes on to provide a link for update registration here.

Meanwhile, in the US, Bayonetta 1 has been available at several retailers, and is readily in stock at the time of writing at Best Buy. It actually went up for sale weeks ago (I got my copy a while back), and is holding stock. So the “limited quantities” Nintendo spoke of in the past seem to be region-based.

Outside of the regional Bayonetta 1 Switch shortages, this isn’t the first hectic rodeo from a My Nintendo Store rollout. Xenoblade 3 was rife with access problems, with virtual queues that didn’t work, or crashed randomly. Ideally Nintendo will stop doing exclusives like this in any region, as the demand clearly exceeds whatever Nintendo has in mind in terms of a sustainable approach to taking pre-orders.

In the meantime, if you really want it and don’t want to wait on a mystery restock window (or potentially deal with a broken website again), importing from the US could be an option. Secondhand markets aren’t selling it at obscene prices just yet, and some stores might ship overseas.

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