Nintendo teases Mario cosmetics for Clubhouse Games on Switch

Mario cards

A lot of people are lamenting the delays of big-budget games, but some are pointing at the impending release of Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics on Switch and saying “relax.”

This low key release includes 51 classic board and card games to play, with a large focus on local play: with the screen serving as the board itself. As we near its launch, Nintendo just put out a video showcasing a few of the Mario franchise cosmetics you’ll be able to unlock for it, which you can view below. While the Mario playing cards are slick, viewers might also spot a mysterious card game with no numbers: it’s Hanafuda (“Flower Cards”)!

The history of Hanafuda is vast, but suffice to say that Nintendo actually had a hand in this industry many moons ago, and even released a special edition Hanafuda set for Club Nintendo members. I have that very set, and occasionally play it at home. If you’re interested, you can even learn to play it online.

Clubhouse Games will arrive on Switch on June 5.

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