Nintendo Switch will be the first console to support multiplayer in Stardew Valley

‘Coming this summer’

[Update: According to game creator Eric Barone, “the Switch Stardew Valley multiplayer announcement DOES NOT mean that PC will get multiplayer later. PC will still be first.”]

Stardew Valley is a one man operation, and as such, updates are going to be delivered at a slower pace than projects that have massive teams. One of those big promised features includes multiplayer, something players have been clamoring for since launch.

Well, today during its “Nindies Showcase” stream, Nintendo noted that the upcoming Stardew Valley Switch port will be the first console to secure a multiplayer update. The wording clearly suggests that it’s a timed exclusive type deal, and there’s no word on whether or not the PC version would be getting it at the same time (the phrase “first console” certainly hints that it will).

Either way, I’m stoked! I can’t wait to tend to my farm with my fake digital wife Abigail and my real wife.

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