Nintendo Switch Sports will get some fancy new moves in free update

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Be sure to lock that leg strap on tight

The summer is here, with plenty of sun to go around. But if you’d rather play some indoor sports, Nintendo Switch Sports is getting a free update next week that adds some new moves to its various games. Keep cool and annihilate the competition.

A new update arriving July 26 at 6 p.m. PT will add some new features to Nintendo Switch Sports. The big one is more leg strap integration with Soccer, allowing you to use real-life kicks full Soccer matches.

This should add a little more activity to Soccer, which previously used a mixture of Joy-Con presses and other motions. This option will let you really juice up your kicks with real-life motion. Just make sure your strap is on tight, as you don’t want to kick-fling a Joy-Con across the room.

But if Soccer isn’t your jam, there are some other updates coming to other modes. Volleyball gets a few new moves for players to execute, like the Slide Attack and Rocket Serve.

Join the league

The Nintendo Switch Sports update will also add new ranks to the Pro League modes. Joining Friend Matches using Room IDs will also make it easy to connect with others looking to launch soccer balls across the pitch with massive leg swings.

Nintendo Switch Sports is the Switch’s take on the classic Wii Sports set-up, mixing motion controls and sporting activities for a family party game experience. It had its ups and downs, as you can read in our review; while mainstays like Bowling and Tennis stay mostly strong, other modes had some struggles.

Hopefully the new moves add a little extra oomph to everyone’s virtual Soccer and Volleyball matches. The Nintendo Switch Sports free update goes live with these new changes on July 26, 2022.

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