Nintendo Switch Online adds Sega Genesis titles Alisia Dragoon, Earthworm Jim, and Beyond Oasis

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Three more classics from the Mega Drive archives

Nintendo has added three more classic Sega Genesis/Mega Drive titles to its Nintendo Switch Online retro gaming archives — The three games, Alisia Dragoon; Earthworm Jim; and Beyond Oasis, are now available to all subscribers of the paid subscription service.

Alisia Dragoon

Released exclusively to the Sega platform in the winter of 1992, Alisia Dragoon is a most iconic title to video game fans of a certain age. This action RPG puts players in the super-skimpy armor of the titular warrior maiden, who embarks upon a quest to avenge the death of her father at the hands of the evil Prince Baldour. Alisia is aided in her adventures by her mythic powers and various familiars.

On release, Alisia Dragoon won acclaim from critics and players for its fast-paced side-scrolling action and attractive, detailed sprites and stages, with the title being seen as something of Sega’s answer to the Castlevania series, which was, at that time, considered more of a Nintendo property.

Beyond Oasis

Beyond Oasis — Perhaps more commonly known by its alternate title The Story of Thor — is a 1994 action-adventure game developed by Ancient Corp and produced by Streets of Rage composer Yuzo Koshiro. This top-down adventure was developed in response to the hugely successful The Legend of Zelda series, and features design and gameplay choices reminiscent of the Nintendo franchise.

In Beyond Oasis, players explore a dungeon-filled eastern kingdom, gathering together several elemental spirits in order to stop a wicked sorcerer from conquering the land. Beyond Oasis was highly regarded on release, and is still a very visually and aesthetically impressive example of 16-bit gaming. Worth checking out for those who want to see what Sega brought to the dungeon-crawling party.

Earthworm Jim

No doubt the most recognizable of the three offerings, Shiny Entertainment’s Earthworm Jim launched on a wide variety of console and handheld platforms in 1994, toward the latter days of the 16-bit boon period. The cartoonish platformer stars a battlesuit-powered worm, who fights across the galaxy to save the lovely Princess What’s-Her-Name? from the clutches of the devious Psy-Crow.

Earthworm Jim was celebrated for its lush, hand-drawn animation and silly, cartoon aesthetic. While the gameplay was nothing particularly new or exciting, Earthworm Jim was part of the era’s final thrust into platform gaming, where titles such as Donkey Kong Country and Disney’s Aladdin would attempt to squeeze every last drop of power and resource from the 16-bit platforms.

Alisia Dragoon, Beyond Oasis, and Earthworm Jim are now available in the Nintendo Switch Online Sega Genesis archives.

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