Nintendo sort of interested in WiiWare demos … maybe

One of the smartest things Microsoft has done with Xbox LIVE Arcade is make demos a requirement for each and every game, and furthermore, made it so upgrading to the full version is a mere button press away. Really, it’s hard not to impulse buy because of the way everything is set up.

At a Q&A session held during an earnings briefing for Nintendo, CEO Satoru Iwata spoke with investors about a newfound interest in providing WiiWare demos later this month. But wait a second — as of this time, this will be nothing more than a test for a few games.

Nintendo wants to see if demos will help expand the market for WiiWare and DSiWare, but Iwata isn’t confident this move will immediately fix the problem, hence it being just a test. If you ask me, such a plan is certainly not going to hurt anything.

While there are currently a lot of unknowns — which games will be getting demos, what regions this applies to, etc. — this is something you’d all be interested in seeing, right? Are there any games in particular you’ve always wanted to try without blindly buying them?

[Via IGN]

Jordan Devore
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