Nintendo pulled a Splatoon 3 mode because it found another bug (Update)

Splatoon 3 bug

“A bug has been found in the Ver.1.2.0 update of Splatoon 3 that affects the Rainmaker Anarchy Battle mode”

Another Splatoon 3 bug has crept up on the team, as version 1.2.0 (which just came out) caused an issue with Rainmaker mode: found in the Anarchy Battle (ranked) playlist.

Here’s the full tweet from Nintendo:

“A bug has been found in the Ver.1.2.0 update of #Splatoon3 that affects the Rainmaker Anarchy Battle mode. We will release an update soon to fix this issue. In the meantime, Rainmaker has been temporarily removed from Anarchy Battle. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

So in short, as described by reliable dataminer OatmealDome, the actual bug involves a score counter reset if you touch a checkpoint. That’s…instant-shutdown worthy for a competitive mode. Funnily enough I’ve seen some chatter in my circles that some folks seem to like it: as they didn’t enjoy Rainmaker anyway, and are enjoying it being out of the rotation.

While I’m still really enjoying Splatoon 3, it’s been hit by multiplayer bugs since launch, including connection issues. That last patch had roughly 100 fixes, so it was bound to mess up something else. It’s the Bethesda open world RPG patch effect! That’s pretty much how every major Fallout 76 patch played out in the early days, with a minor patch afterward to smooth things out.

[Update: As of October 28, Nintendo has implemented patch 1.2.1, which fixes the Rainmaker problems stated above. The mode is now back in the rotation.]

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