Nintendo: only ‘geeks and otaku’ want additional wii storage

Check the storage space on your Wii. It’s not looking so hot now, right? With only 512mb of on-board storage, all of our Virtual Console downloads are feeling squished under the weight of these new WiiWare titles, and Nintendo still has yet to offer a new storage solution.

This is something some of us have been complaining about from day one, and I’m sure Nintendo knows how we feel by now. Nintendo of Europe doesn’t seem to think much of our cries, though. According to their Laurent Fischer, NoE’s marketing director, the only gamers that want this additional storage are “geeks and otaku.” This quote comes from WiiWare launch coverage in Edge magazine.

Sure, right now it might only be “geeks and otaku” that worry about the limited storage space of the Wii. Give it time. Soon it will be the millions soccer moms and dads that can’t figure out why their latest download won’t fit on their console. And then the kids will bitch. And then the calls to Nintendo will start. And then we might get our increased storage. Maybe.

Are you one of the “geeks and otaku” that need this storage? Do you think Nintendo is overlooking a potentially serious problem?

[Via Game|Life]

Dale North