Nintendo offers official retro wall decor, will also officially make you poor

If you have mad envy for those intensely talented muralists floating around the net who have painted walls of their homes to resembles scenes from your favorite classic NES games, this may be the solution for you. Spotted over at Blik, you can now purchase an officially licensed set of graphics (this is good so Nintendo does not sue you) from games such as Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong and New Super Mario Bros.

Cool, right? You get 3 huge 26″ X 40″ sheets of decals in each package, which can be removed or rearranged at anytime. There’s only one tiny setback — each pack costs $75. I don’t think it’s that much for decor, especially since it involves my favorite topic, but I have a feeling some gamers will be quick to write these off because of the price. After all, we’re broke all the time because we buy games constantly. Maybe we should just decorate our walls with game boxes and call it a day. 

[Thanks, Justin]

Colette Bennett