Nintendo of Russia might have let it slip that there’s going to be a Direct soon

We’ll see

You’ve heard the rumors. A bunch of placeholder listings just went up on Amazon, and there’s been rumblings of a Nintendo Direct this month that’s going to kick off the new year and bring further momentum to the Switch — a system that just surpassed the Wii U’s lifetime hardware sales in Japan in just 10 months.

We’re still waiting on confirmation for that, but for now Nintendo of Russia assuaged our doubts with a quick message on the social media site VK — Russia’s near carbon-copy version of Facebook. In a post responding to a fan asking when the next Direct will come, Nintendo states, “good afternoon! Follow the news – soon expected!”

It’s a small thing, but just one extra piece of evidence that points to a January Direct.

Nintendo of Russia [VK via Nintendo Life]

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