Nintendo NX suppliers rumoured to be aiming to ship 12 million units in 2016

With a release of Q2 2016?

We still don’t really know anything about Nintendo’s next console, the NX. It might be a handheld/console hybrid, but until Nintendo formally unveils it, it could be anything. However, if rumours published by DigiTimes are to be believed, we could be getting the NX a hell of a lot sooner than we might’ve thought.

DigiTimes claims the controversial company Foxconn has been chosen as the NX’s primary manufacturer, with a whole range of other companies supplying the resources to make it.

While Nintendo is aiming to ship up to 20 million NX units in 2016, it is claimed that the various upstream suppliers (the ones who supply the resources) are only expecting it to ship around 10-12 million units. While this may sound kind of unimpressive, it still would keep it competitive with the Xbox One and PS4 next year, who are predicted to sell around 13-18 million units.

While DigiTimes doesn’t make its sources quite as clear as I would’ve liked (and so take this news with an entire mine worth of salt), it is consistent with the news DigiTimes released in July this year that the target release date is July 2016.

So if this news is true, expect us to either hear more about the NX in the coming months or for Nintendo to pull a Sega Saturn and stealth-release it. Hopefully it’s the former, the Saturn’s launch never gave it the chance it deserved…

Upstream supply chain expects new Nintendo games console to achieve 10-12 million unit shipments in 2016 [DigiTimes]

Joe Parlock