Nintendo just dropped a Bayonetta 3 music video

Spoilers inside!

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If you’ve played through Bayonetta 3, odds are you noticed the soundtrack while blasting away demons and angels alike: and that includes the song “We Are As One.”

Performed by Rachael Hawnt (who also worked on the lyrics, with music by Hiroshi Yamaguchi), the video is a whopping seven minutes long: mixing in real-life footage of Hawnt and musicians performing the song, on top of cutscenes from Bayonetta 3. Note that the video (as Nintendo warns) does contain spoilers for the game. We won’t mention them specifically here, but it does flash through scenes from mid-to-late game Bayonetta 3 story moments amid the footage of the performance. Folks who have finished the game already will likely get more out of it, especially given the emotional resonance of the song itself.

This is all great timing, as the powers that be are planning a full OST release for Bayonetta 3 this April, with a whopping 250 tracks across eight CDs. Here’s the full breakdown of what the mega-release contains: “It is the largest in the series, containing more than 250 tracks on 8 CDs. Liner notes are included, including explanations of all tracks and comments from the creators and directors. Beautifully packaged in a three-sided decorative box. Fully supervised by the game developer, Platinum Games.”

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