Nintendo is upgrading the Switch with new (and probably better) components

Refreshed CPU, GPU, and flash memory

A little more than two years into the Switch’s lifecycle, and it seems as though Nintendo is ready to make some manufacturing changes. Some new internal components are expected to soon replace the ones that were featured in the debut model.

Last week, Nintendo filed a request with the FCC (as reported by The Verge) asking permission to modify the original model of Switch. Specifically, Nintendo wants to swap out its system-on-chip and flash memory. The system-on-chip that’s currently in the Switch is the Nvidia Tegra X1, which contains both the CPU and the GPU.

So, what does this mean? Well, it’s probably a win-win for everybody. Nintendo is quite possibly making the change because new technology has made these components more cost effective than the Tegra X1. On the consumer side, there’s a good chance it means the Switch will run more efficiently. Performance, battery life, overheating issues — these are all things that might be slightly improved by swapping out older components for newer parts.

It’s also worth noting that the Switch Lite has a “more power-efficient chip layout” according to The Verge, which has seen the newly-announced handheld in some sort of preview capacity. The upcoming changes to the original Switch could signal a shift toward Nintendo using the same components across the two models. It’s tough to say, but it stands to reason that new models of the Switch will have just a little more horsepower.

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