Nintendo is keeping quiet about the NX because of ‘an idea that we’re working on’

Miyamoto says they aren’t just following tech trends

The next Nintendo gaming platform, the NX, is supposed to release in March 2017. It’s almost July, now, with E3 behind us. When are we going to hear anything substantive about the new system?

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto, speaking to the Associated Press through a translator, didn’t give a timeline for the reveal — but he did provide a reason for the company’s ongoing secrecy.

“In terms of NX, there’s an idea that we’re working on,” he said. “That’s why we can’t share anything at this point, and I don’t want to comment on the other companies [Microsoft and Sony]. If it was just a matter of following advancements in technology, things would be coming out a lot quicker.”

The remark is vague, but not so noncommittal that there’s no room for speculation. Let’s get wild with it. Aside from the heavily-rumored stuff like the NX being a console/handheld hybrid or potentially supporting virtual reality, what is your best guess for this “idea?” What might the quirk be?

With all of the noise surrounding the NX as of late, plenty of it fake, I’m not sure what to believe any more. But I know what I’d like to believe in: a system that can astound me the same way the original DS did. That’s the Nintendo I want to see. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are getting more powerful hardware revisions, and it’s fine if you’re into that. I’d prefer something new; something original.

I’ll return to this thread after the reveal, and if any of you were right on the money with your prediction, I will have some follow-up questions pertaining to the lottery and other assorted schemes.

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