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Nintendo NX to launch in March 2017, with Zelda Wii U coming to NX later that year


Zelda release will be simultaneous across both platforms

Nintendo has confirmed that the NX, its newest console we know virtually nothing about, is to be released globally in March 2017.

The company also confirmed The Legend of Zelda title previously announced for Wii U has been delayed. It will no longer release in 2016, and will instead arrive in 2017 simultaneously for both the Wii U and Nintendo NX.

It's also been confirmed that we won't be seeing much of the NX at this year's E3. Instead, the focus will be on the upcoming Zelda title.

Nintendo is claiming the NX won't be replacing the 3DS or Wii U. Kind of like how the DS didn't replace the Game Boy Advance, right?

This release date is a bit later than previous rumours which suggested we could be seeing it this year, so that gives Nintendo enough time to let the cat out of the bag as to what the NX actually is.

Nintendo [Twitter]

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