Nintendo is changing the way experience works in Fire Emblem Heroes

More high level party XP

With Super Mario Run Nintendo has adopted a “set it and forget it” strategy, where they aren’t altering the game that much outside of some sparing events and tweaks. But Fire Emblem Heroes is following the exact opposite beat, and will likely win out monetarily in the long run for it.

Nintendo has announced that they’re altering the way experience works in Heroes sometime in the next several weeks, as high level characters will now earn more experience in low level skirmishes. It seems like a small thing, but it was a major problem in the endgame previously, as it turned late-game teambuilding into a grind, funneling back into the energy system.

Beyond that they’re also extending all of the launch festivities until March 14. I’m not thrilled with Heroes so far (it’s alright), but they’re doing a more admirable job of keeping me playing than Super Mario Run. It’s so odd to me that they kind of left that game to die after all that hype — they could probably put one developer on free level DLC and call it a day.

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