Nintendo’s House of Indies Day 2 has punchy penguins and a risk of rain

Risk of Rain Returns

Punch, navigate, and look out for rain

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Day 2 of Nintendo’s House of Indies holiday event is upon us, and the team is opening Door #2. Two more shadowdrops have arrived, as well as two announcements of upcoming games slated for 2023.

First up, the play-it-now games for today. The Captain is a new narrative adventure from Sysiac Games and Tomorrow Corporation. You play a lost science officer from the space fleet, trying to work their way back home with some precious info. Lots of choices wait to be made, as well as big space battles to get caught up in.

If penguins are more your style, The Punchuin is a new game from The Touryst team Shin’en. You play as a penguin who punches things, and is trying to see all there is to see on Punch Mountain. It’s part match-three puzzle, and part-charming exploration and adventure, but all punchy penguin.

Forecast calls for more rain

Two more games got revealed today too, locking in for a 2023 launch window. The first is The Gecko Gods, a puzzle platformer from Inresin and Super Rare Originals. It asks, “what if a gecko could explore a mysterious and dangerous island?” It’s all in the pursuit of saving their friend, who I hope is also a small and adorable gecko. That’s set to arrive in 2023.

A popular roguelike is also on the way back, too. Risk of Rain Returns is a remastered version of the original Risk of Rain from Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing. It looks to have all the 2D chaos of the original, but with a new coat of paint and apparently new ways to play in store too. The rain returns in 2023.

There are still three days left this week in Nintendo’s House of Indies advent calendar. Tune back in tomorrow morning for the next bout of indie surprises for the Switch.

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