Nintendo Download: Humongous Classic Collection

Also, not much else

New Year, new games! Well, not yet, so much.

This week the eShop is a little light, as Nintendo doesn’t have a game to highlight: and it even took me a solid 15 minutes to decide which game to feature. I ended up settling on the Humongous Classic Collection, which has six games throughout the Pajama Sam, Freddi Fish, Putt-Putt, and Spry Fox series. Given the amount of kids who grew on those games, it was worth the mention.

The real action begins later this month when Fire Emblem Engage hits the Switch, and catapults us into fairly big first quarter of gaming.

Nintendo Download: Humongous Classic Collection Edition

  • 12 Labours of Hercules VI: Race for Olympus
  • ABC Follow Me: Food Festival
  • ABC Kids Bundle
  • Age of Heroes: The Beginning
  • Aircraft Carrier Survival
  • AlphaLink
  • Animal Golf – Battle Race
  • Arcade Archives BUBBLE BOBBLE
  • Arcade Archives Metal Hawk
  • Balls of Fame Holiday Bundle
  • Boxer
  • Breakfast Bar Tycoon Premium Edition
  • Checkers Quest Bundle
  • Children of Silentown 
  • Clumsy Rush: Ultimate Guys Definitive Edition
  • Everybody’s Home Run Derby
  • Extreme Snowboard
  • Flipped On
  • Grabitoons!
  • Gravity Thrust
  • Guntech 2
  • HEROish
  • Hollow World: Dark Knight
  • Humongous Classic Collection
  • Hyper Gunsport
  • Infected run to Survive: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Story Shooter Dead Cry
  • Kids Puzzle – 2 in 1 Bundle
  • League of Enthusiastic Losers Ultimate Edition
  • Lost Dream Stars
  • Lost Snowmen
  • Maximus 2
  • Melatonin
  • Merge Your Room Extended Edition
  • Neon Souls 
  • Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Klondike Solitaire
  • Pancake Bar Tycoon Premium Edition
  • Pid Deluxe Edition
  • Pixel Boy – Lost in the Castle
  • Pixel Family Fun
  • Pixel Game Maker Series Pearl Vs Grey
  • Quest Hunter: Deluxe Edition
  • Risk your life to get your dinner back -Nyanzou action game-
  • Scrap Riders
  • Slots Royale: 777 Casino Games
  • Super Puzzle Pack 2
  • Syndrome Ultimate Edition
  • Tumbleweed Destiny
  • World War Battle Heroes Field Armies Call of Prison Duty Simulator
  • WRC Generations – The Official Game
  • Zombie Survival

If you missed last week’s edition, here it is. For those who are interested, sales are going on for all platforms.

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