Nintendo ceases to publish and ship Metroid Prime Trilogy

The Wii has become infamous for the poor sales of traditional games that appeal to traditional gamers, but it’s always been considered a problem for third party publishers only. However, the sad fate of Metroid Prime Trilogy seems to confirm that even the Wii’s creator is having trouble selling good games.

According to reports, Nintendo has ceased the publication of Metroid Prime Trilogy and won’t be shipping the game collection anymore. After a mere four months since launch, Nintendo would only confirm that “you may still be able to locate a copy via stores that specialize in previously played or used games.”

While Nintendo hasn’t given a reason for this decision, the fact that Metroid Prime Trilogy only managed to sell half a million copies might have something to do with it. With the Wii’s install base as high as it is, there is no reason for games of this nature to sell poorly. The ignorance of the majority of Wii owners is quite astounding. When not even Nintendo can ship a good game but titles like Carnival Games still chart, there is something severely f*cked up with the console’s install base. 

Metroid Prime: Trilogy is No Longer Being Published or Shipped? [Coffee With Games]


Jim Sterling