Nintendo is reportedly working on a 1-2 Switch sequel, but having some trouble with it

1-2 Switch sequel report

Everybody’s 1-2 Switch may not be for everybody

Rumors have circled before about a potential 1-2 Switch follow-up from Nintendo. Today, a new report emerged that claims it is real, but it’s also not testing well.

Fanbyte reports, via sources familiar with the project, that Nintendo has been developing a sequel to 1-2 Switch. The title eventually settled on Everybody’s 1-2 Switch, and rather than make its predecessor redundant, it reportedly looked to smartphones, inspired by the Jackbox games.

According to Fanbyte’s sources, several different minigames including musical chairs and Bingo. Yet when it play-tested, it apparently didn’t play-test well.

Feedback was reportedly brutal, with Everybody’s 1-2 Switch failing to capture attention or keep people playing. Employees within Nintendo reportedly voiced concerns that publishing it would damage Nintendo’s reputation as a developer. Yet publishing plans continued, and sources told Fanbyte there are even empty game boxes for it sitting around, waiting for Everybody’s 1-2 Switch to finish development.

The report leaves off on a question mark, as it’s unclear what will happen with the sequel. Some sources told Fanbyte that Nintendo won’t be dissuaded from a $60 retail launch, while others are apparently suggesting making it a Nintendo Switch Online bonus for higher-tier subscribers. The only thing that seems clear is that it won’t get shelved.

Switch off

Nintendo’s motion-control party game 1-2 Switch was a launch title for its Switch console, and it didn’t receive a fantastic reception. Granted, it was up against the likes of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But the $60 price tag seemed like way too much at the time, and 1-2 Switch has since faded out. Other games, like the indie hit Snipperclips, and later on Nintendo’s Arms and Splatoon 2 seemed to grab the multiplayer segment with a firmer hold.

Nintendo has, as of right now, announced no plans publicly for a 1-2 Switch follow-up.


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