Ninja outfits coming to Home, Street Fighter IV and RE: 5 stuff confirmed

Want more wacky clothing options in Home? Sony is happy to oblige. On February 12, ninja outfits will be available for purchase in the Mall space. Because they can, Sony is throwing a ninja-themed bash in the upcoming Gamer’s Lounge space on February 13. If you’re down with virtual dance parties but don’t have a ninja outfit, don’t worry. According to the PlayStation blog a “reasonable facsimile” of black clothing is accepted.

Vouchers for SOCOM and Warhawk will be handed out during the event. This isn’t just a thanks for buying silly attire: (although we here those SCEA marketing guys are quite nice) it’s to pump people up for the future introduction of those two game’s own spaces that will incoporate the fabled Home-to-game launching mechanism.

In other news, that Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 content that we told you about last week has been confirmed for the U.S. No word if any of that stuff is going to be for sale, but Sony suggested that “much” of the SFIV stuff can be unlocked through “in-game actions.”

Brad BradNicholson