Ninja Gaiden composer announces he’s working on a new project ‘related’ to Gaiden


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[Update: In a follow-up remark, Yamagishi said “I apologize for any confusion caused by this tweet. This new project does not relate to a new video game!”]

I think Ninja Gaiden II (the new one) gets more guff than it needs to. Sure, it wasn’t Ninja Gaiden [Black], but what is? Even over a decade later very few games can match up to it. That includes Ninja Gaiden III, which deserves all that guff. 

Team Ninja is still doing decent work though with Nioh, which redeemed them in my eyes even just having tasted the alpha — but what are they doing after that game ships in October? A new Gaiden, potentially. According to series composer Keiji Yamagishi, he is working on a “new project related to Ninja Gaiden, and will be able to share more information in July.

As one of Koei Tecmo’s flagship franchises it would be idiotic to have it lay dormant, I just hope they take their time with it. Hell, maybe Itagaki can come back to some degree now that his studio seems to be in dire straits. Or, maybe the “related” part will come back to bite us, and it will be another character skin in a Warriors or Dead or Alive game.

Keiji Yamagishi [Twitter]

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