Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma launch trailer and virals

I went pretty boring with that headline, didn’t I? I guess it’s because this isn’t the most exciting post. We’ve been all over Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma, so I’m not so sure if anyone is going to get too excited over this launch trailer other than the fact that it’s very well put together. It is over four minutes long, though, and it does contain some never before seen stuff in it. Also, is that a hint at a third Ninja Gaiden game at the end of the trailer or are they just hinting at DLC or extra content? If the press release that came along with this is any indication then they’re trying to hint at something since they asked us what we thought of the ending.

In case you PS3 owners need to be advertised to a bit more, Tecmo has been producing plenty of viral ads for the game as well. Of course there are the infamous “fake breast on a wall” ads, but they’ve done more and they’re all equally as good. Actually, that’s a lie. The breast ads are good, the rest are pretty mediocre. I’ve collected them all for your easy consumption anyway.



Matthew Razak