NiGHTS Dream Wheel finally revealed… and it’s a slot machine, of course

The titular NiGHTS

Back to bed, fans

Back in 2019, we reported on how Sega had trademarked a mysterious new title in its dormant NiGHTS franchise: “NiGHTS Dream Wheel.” Two years later — and of little surprise to anybody — it turns out that the mystery release is, in fact, a slot machine.

NiGHTS Dream Wheel, which slot fans can find located at the San Manuel Casino in California, is one of those funky, modern, digital roulette affairs, and allows players to gamble tokens while experiencing a cutesy NiGHTS aesthetic. I doubt very much that this is what fans were hoping for, given that 2021 sees the NiGHTS franchise celebrate its 25th anniversary. You’ll probably be better served digging out your Sega Saturn and your “3D Control Pad.”

Originally debuting in 1996, NiGHTS Into Dreams told a tale of two children who, accompanied by the titular “Nightmaren,” embark upon a journey to save the realm of Nightopia from being destroyed, thus crushing the concept of dreaming from all reality. If the “kids and weird being” setting sounds familiar, it should be noted that NiGHTS‘ producer was Sega luminary Yuji Naka, who was also recently responsible for the similarly themed Balan Wonderworld.

NiGHTS into Dreams launched exclusively on the Sega Saturn to rave reviews. It would be followed up with a Nintendo Wii sequel, NiGHTS: Journey into Dreams, in the winter of 2007.

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