Nightdive’s Turok 2 remaster is still coming along

Studio pledges to give the sequel ‘the love it deserves’

Nightdive Studios remastered Turok: Dinosaur Hunter last year, and it also has plans to modernize Turok 2: Seeds of Evil for PC and consoles. But with the developer wrapped up in its crowdfunded System Shock remake, folks have understandably been getting antsy about the game’s prospects.

The latest word from the team isn’t so much news as it is an assurance that, yes, things are going fine. Sometimes, that’s all we even need to keep our imaginations from assuming the worst.

“So as many of you may have guessed, working on the rights to these classic titles can be tricky and sometimes contractual obligations prevents the transparency we’ve enjoyed on some of our other titles which is why updates have been mysteriously absent,” wrote Nightdive’s Daniel Grayshon.

“We’re well aware of the demand for Turok 2 and it is still in development…in fact we started development just shortly after the launch of the first Turok. Turok 2 is a bigger game, more enemies, more weapons, more locations and most importantly…Turok 2 had Multiplayer.” (You’d best respect that Cerebral Bore.)

“In our quest to bring you the most authentic experience at the highest quality level available,” he continued, “we’ve decided to give Turok 2 the love it deserves and release the game ‘when it’s done’ which is why all we’ve been able to say is this: Turok 2 is coming! Thank you for your continued support and patience, we know you’re going to love it!”

Turok 2 is coming! [Steam via reddit]

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