N’Gai Croal speaks with Crysis team, tells them not to let Puppet play the game

N’Gai Croal, the dreadlocked games journalist from Newsweek got a chance to sit down and interview the team from Crysis. Back at CES 2007, several of us got a chance to play the game, and with interesting results — namely, Puppetpalmich finding glitches that the team didn’t know about.

So, now that the joke in the headline is actually explained, let’s take a look at what the interview was actually about. The team described what it’s like to have the power suits — they’ll be able to give speed and power boosts while draining an energy bar. For me, who hadn’t been following the game really closely after the CES showing, got me interested. One of the questions early on was in regards to people playing the game for the first time — what was it like watching them play this game?

The first thing that we observed is that people were not jumping in our designs, initially. They were not using speed, not using strength much. But it was our mistake, because we didn’t make it tangible enough; we didn’t make it a strong enough difference. So we said, “Guys, we need to make it more bad-ass,” essentially. [Laughs.] So we started doing it more bad ass. And then also we need to put in some environments like fences and buildings where you know there is a platform, but you know you can’t get there unless you use your suit. You can jump up, but it’s almost unreachable. But if you use all the strength you can reach it.

The interview also goes into the multiplayer aspects of the game, more into the level design of the stages, and plenty of good stuff. The interview has actually rekindled my interest in the game from after CES (despite the fact that it’s going to take a high-end rig to run it), so be sure to check it out.