Next up in the realistic character figures: Pac-Man

(In honor of the upcoming Rally to Restore Sanity/March to Keep Fear Alive I shall deliver all the news this weekend twice: First the sane way, and then the fear way. It’s the weekend, I get to do stuff like this (I hope… please don’t fire me).

Sane: Jamie “Kalapusa” Margary is pretty much the most awesome person I have never met. Don’t believe me? Go here, here and here and then watch the video above.

Margary is the guy who makes incredibly realistic statues of videogame characters, items and enemies. Latest on the list is Pac-Man, or as Margary dubs him Pakku Rotundus. He sent over the video for us to check out with only the simple words that it was the depiction of a realistic Pac-Man in its final days. You can check out more images on his Deviant Art page.

Is anyone else a little perturbed by what appears to be an anus on the back of the Pakku Rotundus?

Fear: Look at that thing. As far as threats to our livelihood go Pakku Rotundus is right up there with bears.

Matthew Razak