Next-Gen’s top 25 people of the year; Destructoid dissed again

What the hell is wrong with you people? Don’t you know how sexy and influential we are? Put us on your damn meaningless lists! Dear readers, we’ve been slighted again, this time by Next-Gen and their top people of 2006. We have no idea why, but we think it has to do with a little thing called jealousy. Such is the case with this latest industry list that fails at one thing: Not including us.

Here’s how it was going down:

This list is not a ranking of the best, most powerful, most talented, most amazing people in the industry. It is a ranking of the people who we at Next-Gen feel have made positive, significant and noteworthy contributions to gaming and the game industry through 2006.

So, who was their #1 head honcho? Peter Moore of course. Look here to start gazing over the entire list. 

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