New Zeno Clash screens (it’s that game you’ve all forgotten about)

Remember Zeno Clash? Of course you don’t, which is why I am here to refresh your memory. A while ago I posted a teaser trailer for this bizarre FPS, and today developer ACE Team contacted us with a few fresh screenshots.

This game uses the Source Engine, and it can’t be denied that the graphics show it. However, I have always believed that art direction is more impressive than sheer graphical power, and Zeno Clash has the former in spades. Just check out the bizarre “Mucalosaurus” creatures in the third shot. No matter the engine, that’s some lovely imagery.

ACE Team has also set up a message board where interested fans can get firsthand updates on the game and chat to the people behind it. I still have no idea whether this game plays well, but I do know that it’s dripping style from every pore.

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