New Xenogears orchestral album gets a vinyl version

Today, after work, I’m heading to my favorite game music store to pick up this Myth: The Xenogears Orchestral Album that we recently told you about. The collection of orchestrated, fan-picked favorites from one of the best game music soundtracks of all time is going to be a treat for this huge music nerd. This and the Catherine OST. My wallet weeps.

I’m also tempted by the vinyl version of the Xenogears album. Game Swag has the details on 2,800 yen, six song collector’s item. The 12-inch record, set to release on April 1 (no joke!) is available for pre-order at Square Enix’s Japanese e-store. They won’t ship outside of Japan, so it’ll be even harder to get a copy.

I don’t know if I’ll get this yet. I suppose I’ll give the CD a listen today to decide. The last two vinyl albums I’ve bought were of Tonetta’s music.

On a related note, Xenogears is available on the PlayStation Network today. Go get it!

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