New Xbox controller update allows ‘double tap’ swapping between console, PC, and mobile

Xbox controller update

It takes a second or two

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So in an update earlier this year, Microsoft touted that there would be an Xbox controller update that allowed “better cross-device connectivity” for non-Series X remotes, alongside of other upgrades like reduced latency. So I kind of ignored it at the time and went on with my day, but this new video update from James Shields, senior product planner at Xbox, really drives home how cool this feature is.

Shields calls it the “double tap to switch devices” upgrade, and notes that it’ll work on console, PC, and mobile, among other supported platforms. In the clip they’re browsing the Xbox Game Pass menu on a laptop, with an Xbox controller connected to it. They press the sync button on top twice, then turn over to the Xbox Series X, which is connected to a TV next to the laptop. In a second or two, they’re able to swap to the Xbox, then back to the laptop with a quick double tap.

For a long while the Xbox controller has been my weapon of choice for pretty much everything I can get it to work with, and these sort of easy firmware updates encapsulate why. Whether it’s the Xbox Series X or either Elite model, I’m really looking forward to seeing this come to fruition eventually when it goes live. As a note, the Xbox controller update will apply to “Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth support, Xbox Elite Series 2s, and Xbox Adaptive Controllers. So most modern devices.

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